Since our formation in April 2007, we have acquired a diverse and exciting portfolio of companies and assets in the: healthcare, defense, emergency response, criminal justice, financial services, telecommunications, RF signal optimization, oil and gas, sand and mineral mining, debtor-in-possession lending, real estate and construction industries.

We are continuously looking for new and exciting investment opportunities to diversify among location, industry, size and risk. We are particularly interested in early to mid-stage companies with talented and dedicated management teams that are interested in growing an idea into a business.

If you are looking for financial and intellectual capital to make your idea a reality, contact michael@tsbventures.com to set up a meeting.


Portfolio Description Industries Served
  • An industry leading healthcare software and financial services provider
  • Patented hazsensor technology for the remote identification of hazardous chemical plumes
Defense, Emergency Response, Industrial Hygiene
  • A radio frequency enhancement and protection technology company that utilizes patented technologies that were developed at one of the country’s leading research universities
Defense, Telecommunications
  • Mobile electronic chemical resource guide
Police, Fire, Emergency First Response, Industrial Hygiene
  • A company investing in oil and gas development opportunities in Montana, USA
Oil and Gas Exploration
  • A financial services company
Accounts Receivable Management and Funding
  • Bank fraud prevention and criminal justice system data base management and interoperable communications
Criminal Justice
  • A mining company developing sand, gravel and mineral properties
Oil & Gas Exploration, Construction
  • Debtor-in-possession financing
Multiple Industries
  • A portfolio of commercial and residential real estate investments
Real Estate