We employ an opportunistic approach to investing and, as such, do not limit ourselves to specific industry sectors. Our objective is to identify and invest in early to mid-stage companies with talented management teams with whom we share a common vision. We aim to provide the capital and other resources needed to “stand them up” as successful, thriving, and competitive businesses in their respective industries. Particularly, our management team looks for competitive advantages in our investments, be it a protected technology, a barrier to entry, or a particularly motivated and capable management team. We continuously look for the unrealized potential that our capital, talents and resources can unlock, and seek to leverage that potential to create successful businesses that benefit shareholders, employees, the community and the economy at large.

We believe in innovation and feel that there are countless opportunities to innovate and create valuable businesses that can move the world forward through economic growth. This belief supports a desire to help dedicated management teams realize that value to its fullest potential.

We generally take a mid to long-term approach to our investments and focus on companies with a strong growth potential. Typically, our investment goal is to partner with management to build a working, proven, stable and scalable model of a successful business, after which we help attract later-stage investors to infuse growth capital. This often involves a commitment of five or more years in order to reach the “next level,” at which point we seek an eventual exit to the investment.