TSB Ventures’ management team consists of Jose S. Canseco, who serves as our Managing Member and President; and Louis M. Freeman, Jr., who serves as our Vice President of Development. Mssrs. Canseco and Freeman are experienced entrepreneurs, based in New Orleans, LA and Baton Rouge, LA, respectively.

Mr. Canseco, age 55, formed TSB Ventures in April 2007 as a response to a lack of available venture capital for early stage companies in the state of Louisiana, and an abundance of lucrative investment opportunities within the surrounding region. Mr. Freeman, age 50, joined Mr. Canseco in August 2007 with a shared vision and a passion for entrepreneurship.

Since 1992, Mr. Canseco has founded or helped start several successful startup companies in Louisiana. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Mr. Canseco practiced Mergers & Acquisitions law in private practice. He has participated in and has practiced law in the following industries: healthcare, hazardous material handling and emergency hazmat spill response, oil and gas exploration and production, real estate, telecommunications, software development, marine electronics, entertainment, hospitality and governmental relations.

Mr. Freeman, also an experienced entrepreneur, has known and worked with Mr. Canseco on various projects since 1998. Mr. Freeman’s experience includes: software, retail, manufacturing, international trade, and private direct equity fund management in Asia, where he resided in Hong Kong and assisted in the management of direct investment funds totaling over $140 million across numerous sectors, particularly in the hotel and resort development industry. Prior to joining TSB Ventures, Mr. Freeman was the owner and manager of a technology company in the custom electronics, security and automation industry, and has been a registered securities broker and municipal bond broker.

Mssrs. Freeman and Canseco are both active in their communities and serve on the boards of numerous civic, educational and charitable organizations.